Thursday, July 31, 2008

RetroSuperFuture sunglasses

This brand has been burning our retinas for quite some time now and with everyone falling head over heels for this sexed up copy of a Ksubi frame which was already an homage to Vibskov's Andy.... Anyway.
We have seen the frames, and have examined them closely, and unfortunately they did not conform to our quality standards.

And a quick word to Zeiss people about letting other dudes use Carl Zeiss name too much.... It does nothing but waters your status down. We are big fans of Zeiss optics and use your lenses for Rx needs almost exclusively, but when it comes to sun lenses, that's a different story. 10 years ago, German made Skylet Road and Skylet Sport were our go to lenses. These days, we cannot even buy them. They simply don't exist.

Makes us wonder... What are those lenses ??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The science of Orgreen

The self-made trio from Denmark has already made an incredible mark on eyewear of today. After more than ten years, the Orgreen team has established itself as the benchmark of optical design among world's top Opticians and their products are sold and coveted in 42 countries.

Quite a story of success if you ask us. But how did it all start? With none of the guys having any formal training as Opticians, the story is even more fantastic.

It all started with Henrik Orgreen doing a gig for an American sunglass company - Arnette. Years after, being involved in numerous projects that included extreme sports among others, Henrik realized something was missing. Hellbent on designing his own product he approached his old friend Tobias Wandrup, who majored in design, and the concept was born. It had to be sunglasses! Another friend, Gregers Fastrup joined as soon as he heard about it and voila! Orgreen Optics became a reality.

It ain't easy to sell sunglasses in a small country when rain is more common that sunshine. And the 3 friends discovered that pretty quickly. While their designs were no doubt exciting and brave, the sales tanked and the company hit the brick wall. The young entrepreneurs found out the hard way how not to start a business and with numbers well in red, they were shaken but not knocked out.

True art cannot be held back, and since they believed in their concept they took the design elements from their sunglass collection and transformed them into prescription form. The reaction was immediate.
From the very beginning, part of their concept was to address the style-conscious modern HUMAN who needed a cool, high quality pair of frames. With inspirations from various sources including American classics car era where functionality and design both played strong roles, Orgreen presented exciting frames that literally stunned the market. Their designs appealed to creative types with such force it created a shortage of frames!!

But the guys did not just push the design envelope, they relentlessly pursued the path of innovation and technological advances in the process. Titanium, fine wood, mother-of-pearl are just some of the materials they have worked with creating memorable pieces that still have a cult like following.

There are more projects under way today, with Echo 1998 Acetate collection being the biggest attraction. As Opticians, we at Spectacles for Humans are not afraid to say it out loud - we marvel almost every day at the way the new Acetate collection fits people. The bridges are some of the most comfortable in the industry, EVER!!!

So here you have it. With "Design, Quality ... and more Design" as their motto, Orgreen Optics is marching on strong, still in vanguard, creating some of the most exciting wearable objects in the world.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cutler and Gross - first reactions

From the land of Master Opticians hails the brand that stands its ground.... And the strong shapes and prime colors of Cutler and Gross are hitting the San Franciscans hard at Spectacles for Humans.

OK, Mr. Cutler and Mr. Gross are Optometrists, and we at Spectacles for Humans look at the nature of this profession in US with a very long stare... Regardless, these chaps in England are different, and not just because they have an accent. They know exactly what's going on with eyewear. Here it's all about fashion. And high fashion, no less!

Their original shop dates back to early '70s and from there, the duo decided to conquer the world with their designs. Oh, they could have gone "masstige" on us a long time ago and showered all with useless imitations of the originals, but instead, they chose to be original.

With most of their frames essentially made by hand, the production is minuscule comparing to most major brands flooding the market these days. They are openly transparent about the way they make their frames and want to set themselves apart from many complicated, molded glasses that require many machine processes.
Easy to say, hard to implement. Quality labor is extremely expensive and finding craftsmen is becoming difficult. Some of the frames will be produced in Italy, where artists know their way with leather, to produce stunning pilot shapes with rim wire wrapped in luxurious hide. Others are made in France, and some travel to you from as far as Japan, because that's where the tradition of craftsmanship is the strongest today.

In short, get your face to SFH soon, before all the good stuff is snapped up by local fashion and graphic designers.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New styles from Orgreen are on their way!

The folks at Orgreen Optics are talented, creative, innovative, rebellious, gifted, imaginative, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and extremely debonair. We love them for all of the above but we really, really love them when they release new styles.

Every time the new collection hits the dance floor, we are all over it like that proverbial guy who lacks natural rhythm. To bring you Orgreen's newest designs we travel to Tokyo, Paris, Milan, etc. This time however, we will have the luxury of seeing and showing the new pieces without leaving our luxurious digs in Noe Valley!

Henrik and Sahra send their warmest regards to everyone! San Francisco, be prepared!! The Orgreens are coming!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Awards, nominations and other news

It looks like our friends at MYKITA have done it again.
German Ministry of Economics and Technology has once again nominated MYKITA for Designpreis, known in design world as the "prize of prizes". The conditions for selecting nominees for this prestigious award are extremely rigorous and only companies who have already won other major international design awards are eligible.
This is the second in a row nomination for MYKITA and we wish them best of luck!

Our Italian friends at DERAPAGE are also enjoying attention from design experts this year. After picking up Frame of the Year trophy in Japan , DERAPAGE scored prestigious Good Design Award in Chicago and this Summer their eyewear designs are being displayed along side such legends as FIAT and Superga at "Piemonte Torino Design" exhibition. Dedicated to the culture of industrial design in Piedmont this 2 year old exhibition has traveled the world (Canton, Seoul, Kyoto, Santiago, etc.) and has finally made it home to Turin. Catch it, it's on until September 21st!

Back to Germany. We anxiously await news from Meyer Eyewear. The company has changed its distribution channels this year and we are hoping to see some positive changes. That's all we can say for now... except ... It is impossible not to mention how amazing their frames are and we how much we love them! One of the most intriguing and beautiful temple designs in the business, all of us at Spectacles were wearing their frames this weekend as if trying to teleport our feelings of support, admiration and appreciation.

Summer is the time when many of our European friends close shops. Many, but not all. We are working on putting a selection of frames together with one such workaholic group. They are based in Central Europe and you will be blown away by the their designs this Fall.

In beautiful Japan....We've got a couple of exciting projects under way and as soon as we know more, so will you. Our experiences with recently added Japanese lines are beyond encouraging, to say the least.

Keep on reading, amigos!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Press Release

Meet the Orgreens.

San Francisco, CA – July 16th, 2008.

On August 16th, Spectacles for Humans, San Francisco's premier eye wear destination, will be hosting Danish designers and founders of Orgreen Optics - Henrik and Sahra Orgreen.

Established in Copenhagen in 1997, Orgreen Optics is already a household name in Japan, where the frames are manufactured, and European Union.

Still relatively unknown in US, Orgreen designs were first introduced to San Franciscans in 2006 and since then, the word has spread across the Bay Area and beyond. With clients visiting us from all corners of US and from as far as Australia, it is obvious Orgreen Optics is on its way to a global recognition it deserves.

Since day one the company has vigorously pursued philosophy of modern design while relying on traditional Japanese craftsmanship. As a result, the frames from Orgreen Optics offer high aesthetic value and surprise wearers with their intriguing details, unparalleled durability and longevity of finishes.

This exclusive North American event will consist of 3 days of celebration of Nordic design and will include a cocktail party on the evening of Friday, August the 15th, followed by a Mega Trunk Show on Saturday August the 16th.

A Champagne Farewell on Sunday the 17th will conclude the event.

For appointments or to schedule an interview with designers, please contact Dimitri Grunhauser at 415-370-2562. Requests for exclusives are welcome.

Uncle Junior....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tune of the week

Listen here while you can. The song is brilliant.
Feel the Love by CUT COPY from Melbourne.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

George Ludwig wears Cutler and Gross

If you don't see George zipping around on his Ducati Monster superbike, you might catch him playing guitar in some hip club. Music is his passion and while he is well versed in many musical styles, jazz is his true love.

Another of George's passions is great eyewear. Always ahead of the curve, he's done it again, snatching one of the first Cutler and Gross specs we've received and turning them into killer shades.

As if by great design, we had a MINI Cooper S to use as our background... Two legendary British brands meet on the streets of San Francisco.

To hear George play guitar please visit George Ludwig Jazz.

Frame of day - Hummel by REIZ

Model Hummel from Lovely Animals Collection by REIZ has been a huge success at Spectacles for Humans. In fact it is rare we have enough of them in stock to satisfy the demand.

Unmistakably late 50's looking , the frame achieved cult-like following almost immediately and we try hard to maintain reasonable stock. Unfortunately tiny production and even smaller allocation numbers do get in the way and at the moment only one color is available, Brown Havanna, shown .

Friday, July 11, 2008


Holy Mother of Chestnuts!

Be excited!!Be very excited!!!

Even before Spectacles for Humans came to be, as Opticians, we were fascinated with what Orgreen Optics had to offer. Their work with stainless steel, fine wood.... We swooned, we moaned, we watched the brave new path being paved in front of our eyes, by 3 friends who wanted to push and expand the boundaries of optical designs.
Luckily for all of us, the guys had more than just a million of ideas - they knew how make them work. Through thick and thin, they stayed true to their principals, and following their own stars, they've created some of the most striking eyewear the world has ever seen.

Not surprisingly many in the industry were afraid of their brave designs. They were too brash, too Nordic, too forward. Like Vikings in their longboards Orgreen designs were piercing conventional decorum and upsetting pedantic sensibilities of the establishment. Never followers, we knew immediately this was the brand we can relate to. Heck, it was the brand we wanted to wear ourselves! So it was little surprise that when we finally met the Orgreen team in Paris a couple of years ago we knew we were speaking the same language - celebration of individual style through original design.

As a company it did not take much time for Orgreen team to find themselves. They knew quality lies in the East and they turned to one of the best manufacturer in Japan they could find.

But even after years of working together, they still have tough decisions to make. Like the fate of the incredible Elektro Series.

The Limited iridescent finishes are extremely hard to produce. With gold-based paints taking 14 days to dry, while producing only 35 pairs at a time, the team is split. Some say go, some say ... We at Spectacles for Humans insist they make more, more, and more !!! Of course, we are not the one watching the paint dry....

Tune in for more Orgreen stories!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meet the Orgreens

Henrik Orgreen is coming to town!! Folks, mark your calendars, cancel your vacation plans because one thing you would not want to miss is talking design and hanging out with Henrik "The Dynamite" Orgreen at Spectacles for Humans. As soon as we know more, we tell you, but one thing is certain, it will be in August, it will be BIG!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What am I here for?

Vacations are fun, but since they can't beat the real thing (work) , they remain the intended lubricant they are.
WARNING!!! This scenario only works if you absolutely love what you do. If you do not, coming back to work will probably make you violently sick, as it should...But hey, at least you'll look thinner!!

Getaways for us are always about reflection and looking for inspirations and this time, in search for a quite place to contemplate the next move, we led our troops into remote parts of Southern Utah. The scenery was stunning, the sun was there for us 23 out of 24 and beer was like only 2%. Easy living!

Coming back has been special since some special goodies were waiting for us!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the super hot Cutler and Gross collection makes its debut at Spectacles for Humans. Those who keep an eye on what's going at SFH know how long it took us to work this collection into our line up.

There is a lot to be said about Cutler and Gross, and we promise to give a complete write up once all pieces are in.
The first batch, 30 or so pieces, arrived this week, and in typical SFH manner we brushed off formalities and stayed busy all day showing and selling frames literally out of the box. It will be a huge hit!

Also new on our shelves are first examples from new Concord collection by MYKITA. Very impressive designs and craftsmanship is absolutely superb!