Saturday, August 26, 2006

Uffie at Rickshaw Stop

This girl knows how to work her fans. Together with Feadz they uff'd the crowd and the fans loved every minute of it. Hell, I loved it too! She was banging, Feadz was banging, it was loud, and the lyrics, man, I love the tough s**t she spits out. Keep in mind, if you don't like Daft Punk or vocoders, Uffie might not be for you, but I think, as a whole package, she is one of the most refreshing acts (less than a year old I understand) on indie scene today and if she continues to do it like she likes (hot!) she'll be a household name very, very soon.

1 comment:

Academik said...

You got that right - glad to see that someone else caught this great show. Not only Uffie and her DJ, but all the DJs that night were bangin'.

-The guy dancing on the speaker.