Friday, November 7, 2014

Yelp Special

Check in with YELP at Spectacles For Humans and get 15% off complete pair of glasses in November. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

City Of Lights, City Of Style

There isn't much to say except in Paris you can find Spectacles For Humans sunglasses at Parici Opticienne and nowhere else.

14 rue Bourg Tibourg
Marais 4eme

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Brand That Could

Spectacles For Humans sunglasses. Taking Europe by storm, one country at a time.

Eurovision 2014: Go French Delegation!

Also in the news. Spectacles For Humans' sponsored French contestants "Twin Twin" are in the finale of this year's Eurovision contest. Wether you have a mosutache or not, watch them this Saturday, May 10th from beautiful Copenhagen!

Mr.Oliver Goldsmith visits Spectacles For Humans

The name Oliver Goldsmith is synonymous with eyewear. For almost a century OG family not only provided eyewear connoisseurs impeccable spectacles and in the process they also shaped our sense of what eyewear is. Recently Mr. Oliver Goldsmith, stylish and classy as always, visited Spectacles For Humans to inaugurate arrival of Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear in US.

So yes, this is finally happening now. Classic styles you've seen on Michael Caine are now in stock at Spectacles For Humans. Below are stills from a 1966 spy film "Funeral in Berlin".

Just to remind you, Oliver Goldsmith frames are handmade in Japan. Actually physically in Japan, not at one of the subsidiaries in Korea or China.  Quality is out of this world.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We waited for 7 years

Now in stock at Spectacles For Humans. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

MIDO And More

We just got back from MIDO show in Milan where we kind of introduced Spectacles For Humans collection  to European buyers. The "kind of" part is important because as it stands at the moment in the world of optics there are only a handful of stores we are willing to work with. These stores are few but they are the true beacons of quality and craftsmanship.
One such store is Sichtbar in Stuttgart. (See previous post)  And it is with great pleasure we announce that 3 more stellar retailers in Germany are now stocking Spectacles For Humans sunglasses.

First one is Markus Nikolai Optic in Frankfurt.
Markus Nikolai and his team are known in Frankfurt for amazing selection of frames, impeccable styling techniques and killer parties. Yes, he produces superb electronic music as well.

Up in Hamburg,  brothers Hauke and Marc Oliver Peters run Six Million Glasses and Neon Box Optics and they are not mincing words.  Opticians with years of experience under their belts they know a cool pair of frames when they see it. Our conversation took 30 minutes during which it became apparent   - SFH frames belong in their shops. 

Another store we've been admiring for a long time is Leidmann in Munich. Their new location on Maximilialnstrasse is pure exercise in aesthetics. If stocking top brands only is not enough for you,  store's interior and customer service will leave you short of stunned.  And Leidmann is the only the store in Munich where you can find Cocaine, Champagne and Ecstasy sunglasses by Spectacles For Humans. 

What do these stores have in common?  They love their craft, they admire good design and they value quality in eyewear. Brand name means nothing here unless it has a great product underneath the label. Or better yet, no label at all. Just a great pair of frames. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Arrivals, Departures

 Eye catchy window display at Sichtbar in Stuttgart. Can you spot
Spectacles For Humans among these? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sichtbar, Stuttgart

Ask any Optician in Germany who Hans Schneider is and everyone knows. Herr Schneider has been an institution in Stuttgart for years and his store Sichtbar is well known for its superbly curated selection of eyewear from all over the world. Sichtbar is a destination, not only for locals in Baden-W├╝rtemberg,  but for all Germans and many Europeans. This is Schwabenland, home of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, and here, attention to detail is unparalleled, quality is praised  and good design is admired. 

We knew about Sichtbar for many years, and when we showed Hans and his crew Spectacles For Humans collection of sunglasses, and  talked about details of production it was clear  - Cocaine, Champagne and Ecstasy frames belong at Sichtbar. 

So here we go. Exclusively at Sichtbar.
 Spectacles For Humans sunglasses.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Perfect Shape

We are amazed at the success of our Cocaine sunglasses. Not only it looks good, it looks good on virtually everyone. A perfect unisex shape, and a legend in the making. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Champagne from Spectacles For Humans

Styles come and go, and only classics remain. When it comes to sunglasses it is evermore so. Our take on a classic acetate frame for men is model Champagne. Designed specifically for men it is an exceptional example of simplicity in action. This summer, and before it's too late, ask to add a mirror coating to take it to the next level. 
Available at Spectacles For Humans and 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pour La Victoire!

We celebrate this immense victory with a very special pair of sunglasses from our friends at DITA.  Their model VICTOIRE is an epitome of style, grace and progressive design. Always at the forefront, always sleek and always polished to perfection.

In stock at Spectacles For Humans.

Friday, June 14, 2013

No Pain, Just Gain

We could write about this brand winning a bucket full of important design awards or that brand's "classic but modern" frame having an important moment on Depardieu's face at the festival in Cannes but hey,  we got our own fancy stories to cover.

Like this fine young man who rejected shots of novocaine and relied solely on his sunglasses to protect him from pain at the dentist's. Who can blame?!! He's wearing a pair of SFH Champagnes. We say drill on, Doc.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Drift In Time

In the 18th century, a sailor from Japan named Chunosuke Matsuyama, shipwrecked on a South Pacific island with 43 shipmates, carved a message into coconut wood, put it in a bottle, and set it adrift. It was found in 1935—supposedly in the same village where Matsuyama was born...

Well, Chicago based DRIFT eyeglasses are probably not made from the same coconut newsletter but it is one simple and powerful concept for specs - handmade in US and eco-friendly.
In the past we've had mixed experiences with frames made from natural materials such as wood.  We've seen everything from fancy contraptions to crude designs and for the most part chose to stay away from wooden frames. With DRIFT we feel that, finally, there is a line that captures the essence of eyewear  and delivers a handsomely made wearable product. And we are especially pleased with the fact it's produced in the States.

Be sure to visit Spectacles For Humans store in San Francisco to try a pair of Drift specs! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When In Cannes

A quick tip on clunky sunglasses... Whatever brand you choose, make sure the frames fit your nose well. And by that I mean they should NOT go over your eyebrows or try to creep up your forehead. They also need to be wider than your head and cover 1/3 of your face. Slightly more is fine, slightly less is not. This science is not strict and fluctuations are possible but stick to this rule to be on a safe side. Enjoy the sun responsibly.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Champagne For Everyone

To put it simply, the more we live with our collection of sunglasses, the more we realize just how awesome our frames are.  And it's not just a feeling,  there are reasons why we feel this way.

First of all,  our frames stand out.  Stylistically, all of our 3 models  - Champagne, Cocaine and Ecstasy  - practically have no rivals.  Put it next to other frames and you will see one thing. Most frames...They  all look another.   It's like people said fuck it and  stopped tweaking other people's designs and just straight rip it off.  Never mind Wall Street...Exact copies of other copies have flooded the streets and occupied people's faces.  Either people don't care or they've decided to be tragically unhip.  We get email announcements about another "new exciting collection" coming on the market all the time, and honestly... You've seen one, you've seen it all.

Style is goes hand-in-hand with quality and until you pick one of our frames up,  touch it,  hold it in your hands, you probably don't even know what a good acetate frame should feel like.  Designer frames today feel no different from cheap imitations you find at a gas station.  There is nothing but hollowness.  And the sound of cheap plastic... They sound dead.
Our frames have vigor, they have weight, body and rigidity, and yet they are not heavy. They simply have strong presence. And today there are very few frames that have any presence at all.

Hardware...Buy a pair of Marc Jacobs' sunnies...In no time you will have no screws left.  Hinges undone, literally and figuratively.
This list can go on and on,  and we have talked about it numerous times, at length Yes, it pains us to see people throw away good money for Tom Ford or Prada frames thinking they're buying something decent...But at some point we have to say fuck it. Wear what you wish...

And just one more thing... Everyone who saw the blog and came in and bought a pair of our sunglasses said the same thing...The pictures don't do justice and tell only half the story.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Genuine Suede Sleeves for SFH Collection

After searching high and low for proper cases for SFH line of sunglasses one thing became apparent - what we want doesn't exist. Taking matters in our own hands, literally, was the solution. From now on, you will have a choice of a free standard case, available at the store, or a custom case for an additional $65. All custom cases are made from genuine suede and hand stitched by leather cord. They will take about 4 weeks to produce.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Specs

Looking good in eyeglasses from Spectacles For Humans. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Coolness

There is only drug this summer. And it's Cocaine sunglasses by Grunhauser. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Get Ready For Summer

Obligatory summer list: Good ready-to-go mixes on your ipod, sunglasses nobody else has,  cut offs,  sleek kicks. You're ready for the sun. Cat optional.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Day Action at Shufat Market and other news

Everyone know this man in Noe Valley. "How are you, cousin?! How is your day?" You hear it all the time if you pop into Shufat corner store on 24th and Noe. Guess what,  the man is also a model. Good looking in Noe Valley. How else?
That's what we do. We don't sell glasses so you can see across the street or read a price tag in Whole Foods. We fit you with the right pair of frames that will reflect who you are, tell your story without saying a word and make such a handsome dent on everything around you that people will smile.  Just because they know you.
You're welcome. Now go shop somewhere else and see the difference. Nobody cares what you look like. Not one store. How do we know? We've been to all of them ourselves. Do you realie that in the whole wide world there is maybe  a dozen decent optical shops. Real honest-to-goodness shops. The best one of them is in Noe Valley San Francisco. Good news, in June Dimitri will be back from his Euro expedition. And just as you all know the guy at corner market, you all know Dimitri. He is the guy who will not sell you a frame if it doesn't look perfect. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That's The Way This Cookie Tumbles

We've been slaving away for months, collecting finest examples of do's and don't of eyewear on the interweb. For your viewing pleasure we  present to you our Tumblr page. We think it will help all to understand just how seriously we approach spectacles. The style, the fit, the quality. There will never be any compromises. Go ahead, sift through images and commentaries, feel free to leave your 5 cents too.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey, Pablo!

Pablo is another awesome shape from Mykita  and it's back on the shelves at Spectacles For Humans. Generous sizing and softer angles already made this style a favorite and we are surte you will love it too.  Shown here in black, it also comes in classic tortoise shell, transparent brown and a very nice grey.
Future classic?  Come try it and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So You Want New Sunglasses

The sun is out, it's almost summer and you're going through your wardrobe looking for your last year's sunnies. What do you find? A pair of already outdated frames that you bought in a hurry. Another pair somebody re-gifted you because they could not stand them.  Brutal  and you know it. Facing the sun will come sooner rather than later...

Where you go to look for sunglasses will predetermine your options.  Step into a chain store and you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of overpriced frames, claiming to be made in Italy, one looking exactly like another. The only difference is a variety of massive designer logos. These are all made in China, by one or two manufacturers, under a license from the house they have nothing to do with. In fact, you will have to pay for the privilege of wearing that brand name on your face. Ridiculous as it may sound, millions of people do exactly this.

Option two - shopping online. Yes, you can find something different and cool. Do your research, learn about the store, the brand, etc. A lot of online retailers actually carry decent selection of frames and since eyewear is one of the last frontiers of online shopping,  you can find them on sale.

Option three - optical boutiques. Not brand name boutiques like Gucci or Prada, but specifically independent optical retailers that specialize in specs. Optometrists' offices are to be avoided, to be frank. It is my strong belief that doctors should not be cool in anything else but doctoring. Let them check your eyes, give you drops, sned you home with a script, but to take a style advice from a doctor is like asking your accountant to say something funny.

When you go, don't bring your friends along. They are there to help you get the worst pair. If  your friend is hip, they will not want you to be as hip or god forbid hipper than them. If your friend is not hip...Well...Why the hell do you need their advice at all?
Bring your mom or dad and only when you've settled on a pair  and they're gonna  pay for it. Boyfriends/girlfriends...Also bad, especially in fresh relationships.

Go solo. Look at the shop, look at salespeople, look at the brands they carry. If you see big brands, run. If you see brands you've never heard of, ask about them, and do your research later.  Unknown brands are either super cool or completely lame. Ask where the frames are made!!! Beware of MADE IN ITALY or MADE IN JAPAN.  Their home offices are in Italy and Japan but manufacturing is done in China and Korea.

And now that you're mentally prepped yourself for shopping it's time to think about THE STYLE you want.
Fashion related Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, Instagram pages will give you a pretty good idea of what's in. But you must decide on one thing. Do you want to wear what's in today or do you want to get something that will last you a decade? Collections come out every 6 months and generally speaking brands renew 30-40% of their designs each year.  Bestsellers stay, weak styles go to secondary market like outlets, new styles based on bestsellers are introduced. It's impossible to explain all the dynamics but one thing is for sure. A bestseller is a bestseller for a reason. It's not about the style, it's about DESIGN. And when you find that perfectly designed frame you can be damn sure it will last you a lifetime. They just don't age. Season after season, year after year, you will put it on and you will still love it.

The moral of this quickly drawn story is simple... Stay fucking classy. 

Rochelle from Vancouver is wearing Cocaine in Nero by Grunhauser for Spectacles For Humans.

Petra from Bavaria is wearing Cocaine in Griggio by Grunhauser for Spectacles For Humans.