Thursday, August 24, 2006


I really don't know how many people have a clue about this company at this point. None the less, we are getting it in. And soon. The guys who run WE The Superlative Conspiracy joint are hip skateboarding dudes from Sweden who know what unpolluted designs and original style is all about. If you have teenagers in your household, chances are they knows who they are... and if they don't, well, you have a problem. Oh, just you try to get their sweatshirts a year or two ago. Fugget it, Johnny, as in "no way , no how, not here".
Well, things have gotten better since and now, with sharp sunwear line in the pipeline and new ophthalmic collection due to be unveiled in October at the mighty Silmo in Paris, we have all reasons to bring some more of that Nordic cool to our store.

The styles hip, eclectic and very open minded, but don't let that stop you. Ha! Got ya. Made in Italy from quality acetate, most styles are Rx-able, except for that sex magnet Baboon frame (what a shame!), and will make you look like one of the cool dudes at the X-Games, minus bruises and concussions, of course.

And did I mention we will be carrying the accessories??

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