Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Derome Brenner: sunglasses

I know, I know...I probably sound ridiculously repetitive, but what can I say, we sell out of most of the styles we import. These cool, vintage inspired styles, for instance, have been gone for more than a month and are finally back in stock. While Bonnie, above, is definitely a frame for girls (never say never), GOB 9, below, is a knock-out regardless of which bathroom you use. This drop dead gorgeous, pure as tears aviator shape is the ultimate expression of style and the good news is, it fits and looks good on almost everyone. This style is available in 3 colors - black, metallic brown and metallic grey and comes with either solid or faded tint lenses.

DB's plastics are unbelievably natural to a touch and unlike majority of plastic frames on the market are not manufatured in China. Yes, because they are handmade in France, in the heart of the Loire Valley, they feel soft and luxurious against the skin and you quickly forget you are wearing any frames on your face at all. Don't worry, the jealous looks on people's faces you'll be passing in the street will be constantly reminding you about them.

Just look at the details! The layers of laminate, laser cut-outs, these are all hand-made and it is no surprise they are exhibited at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. The one below, a three piece Huggy ensemble consisting of sunglasses, matching bracelet and necklace, shown in cream and ivory here, is simply stunning. The jewelry is made from the same material and wether you wear it as a set or just on its own, prepare to be stopped. The Huggy collection consists of few styles of frames and is also available in black/ivory and brown/turquoise. All pieces can be purchased separately or as a set.

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