Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's official, we have Vibskov's deigns. Seeing them in person for the first time I must add the quality is impeccable.

First, the sunglasses.

While I was quite upset about the fact that we could not get Andy style in white due to production difficulties, I am more than happy with the way the frames look in both red and black. I believe Andy is one of the most unique shapes on the market today, yet it is unconditionally simple. Itotally love this frame! It has purpose, it breathes life and fun and its 80's lines are simply irresistible.

And now the rest of the stuff - backpacks, laptop bags, scarves and undies.
Here, take a look.

There are three colors of Old Strong Undies - black/red, navy/white and red/white. All have matching Old Tank Tops, but our quantities are miniscule.

Below, Piggysan Laptop Cover in black.

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