Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Funk Royal Optics: Music meets Eyewear.

I don't know how it happened, but it has - I never said a word about Funk Royal Optics here.
Funk was our first line we purchased for the new store and it is all a self-respecting hipster would want. Designed by a German DJ Dieter Funk since 1992, Funk started off as a line of ultra-cool sunglasses that quickly became a staple in the music world.

The Royal Optics are a new chapter. Introduced in 2005, it is new, fresh and entirely manufactured in Japan. It is, friends and relatives, an ode to quality. Top-shelf plastics, fish-bone temples, old world hinges; these details speak volumes of Dieter's desire to deliver quality AND style to the people. And growing in a family of opticians in Munich, Herr Funk knows all about quality when it comes to eyewear.

Hesus, one of the newest models, shown above in green and tortoise, is a great example. And so is Kleopatra IV, below.

Many frames, sunglasses especially, reflect Dieter's bubbly personality and styles like Pimp de Luxe or Broad de Luxe are pure fun in the sun.

Another cool recent addition to Royal Optics is Octavian, Pompejus and Antonius in White Lines color. Clever mix of white and clear acetate create unforgetable look that will complete any DJ's ensemble.

And yes, winter is coming....

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