Friday, October 20, 2006

Few notes.

Yes, Silmo is around the corner and we are very excited about going this year.
In addition to few companies mentioned earlier, we will be looking at Vanni and Derapage lines from Nico Design Italy. Vanni just won women's frame of the year Award at last week's IOFT in Tokyo and Derapage shapes have always been on our minds. Taking a closer look at these two collections is something we wanted to do for quite some time.

Another company that is just coming in on the market is MEIMA. All frames are designed and "fabrique a la main en France" from either 8mm acetate or new 3mm thick titanium. The few pieces we saw so far look absolutely amazing and we are scheduled to see the guys behind MEIMA next Saturday.

Take a look at some styles at

New Meyer styles will be arriving any day now and we can't wait to receive the sold out styles and new shapes, six of them with reindeer horn temples. Sorry, most are spoken for, but that should not stop you from coming in, if only to take a look at this amazing material and appreciate its ethereal beauty.

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