Friday, November 17, 2006

Electro Glamour from Orgreen

Amazing new color from Orgreen is finally coming to US!

When I met Henrik Orgreen in New York this March, he mentioned they were working on a new Iridescent color for Orgreen's Airline collection. At the time, fingerprints were an issue, but Henrik promised the problem to be solved shortly and here we are.
When we finally saw the new frames from this Limited Edition Electro Glamour collection at Silmo in Paris, we were floored! The colors are revolutionary and...crazy cool!

As you wear the frame and move your head, the color changes from warm Metallic Gold to hot Mars desert Red and then to Chromatic Green with Electric Blue tones, creating an amazing color effect.

Nothing else like this exists in eyewear today and these frames are destined to become design icons. All thanks to Orgreen's drive and desire to bring the hottest new technology into eyewear.

Electro Glamour truly is a Limited Edition and only few styles are available in this finish. Mandrake, Vulcan and Hercules for men, and Hellcat and Catalina for women. Both womens styles will be also available in Purple/Pink Electro Glamour and Shiny Blue/Turquoise Electro Glamour. Given the way people can't get enough of regular Orgreen colors, I suggest you come in and preorder one of these today. Be the first!!!! Well...maybe second.

I am Electro Glamour.

Electro Glamour frames are priced at $595.00 USD.

In the meantime, for girls who want a head-turning, show stopping pair of frames, check out Orgreen's Pussycat frame - 3 colors back in stock: Black/Pink, Green/Heather and Red/Black.

Orgreen Airline Collection frames are priced at $465.00 USD.

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Kid Sis said...

I would like to purchase Orgreen's Hellcat Limited Edition E3/S35 (Eggplant and magenta, same color combo common now in the 2007 Helldiver and Pussycat (color 99?) styles but from late 2006).

Do you have a pair in stock? Or any leads on how I can find one? I'd be so appreciative. These are my glasses dangit, I have to find them!!