Thursday, November 30, 2006


"Stefan Petersen, der Saarbrücker Brillenerfinder, geb. 1966 arbeitet in einer ehemaligen Schlachterei. In diesem kühlen Ambiente entstehen nach seiner Philosophie Brillenim Einklang von Form, Proportion und Material. Kleine konstruktive Elemente fügen sich zu dem besonderen Ganzen. In seinem Stil verbindet sich Avantgarde und Klassik."

To translate this paragraph losely, Stefan Petersen, designer behind the ONKEL eyewear brand, subscribes to philosophy of Form, Proportion and Material. As a result, when all the small elements come together as a whole, combining Avant-Garde and Classic styles, the final format is ONKEL eyewear.

So, yeah!! We have the Onkels here!! Yeah baby, after only a few months of waiting, we have finally received the first batch of new and much awaited Onkel frames. Thank you Stanley for stepping in and fighting off the nosy FDA agents demanding mysterious "medical device listing" number. What the heck? It's a pair of eyeglasses, for crying out loud, collect the duty and let them through, they need a good home!

Anyway, these cool frames are in and on display. Come try it on and bring your Rx, 'cause chances are you will fall in love with one of these.

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