Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My new Derome Brenner specs

Huggy 05.
Another awesome frame finds its way into my eyewear harem. My personal collection consists of approximately 20 frames, 5 of which I wear on regular basis and although my preferences lie primarily with metal frames(due to rather large, European style olfactory apparatus), I absolutely love the way acetate frames feel. Sadly, to find one with perfect fit is close to impossible.
Short story long, I finally got one that fits like a glove and looks fantastic. And not just on me, but also on its own, as an art and design piece.

New style is from masters of acetate, French designers Derome Brenner, and it's one of their newest models from Huggy Collection - Huggy 05 in Brown/Turquoise. Hand-made from high quality acetate, this frame is 6 mm, even 9 in places, and feels massive and substantial yet it is not one bit heavy. The shape, based on relaxed 70's lines and aided by the warmth of earthy colors, offers comfortable fit and a very friendly "my place or your's" kind of look.

I don't how many layers of acetate (I counted at least 12) exactly these guys laminated together in this frame, but the effect is stunning. Matt brown, black, transparent amber, more brown, again black and again amber! When you see it in such impressive thickness, you really can appreciate the beauty of material and it makes you wonder... How much acetate did it take to put this piece together?

Check out the details and other colors below.

Huggy 05 in Ivory/Beige/Black and Black/Purple/Red.

Temple detail.

As with all handmade frames, details may vary slightly. My particular frame, for instance, has a small horizontal cut out on the bridge. The other two colors don't...Oops!

Oliver Goldsmith:
"You can't subsitute the quality and feel of a handmade frame."

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