Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Battle of the hinges

: the original

I've assembled ic!berlin frames several times and I always admired them for their design, but I never really wore one myself. From conversations with people who owned a pair, I do know however how these frames function long term. They are ultra light, durable and forgiving and can take serious abuse. I can't think of too many complains about the frames and everyone I talked to gave ic!berlins nothing but praise, but hinge design and specifically its habit to come undone in stressful situations did bring forward several modification suggestions.

MYKITA : the improved

These suggestions were obviously heard.
The hinge in MYKITA frames is quite different. Instead of a 3-prongs type apparatus, we are faced with a temple with a coil-like mechanism which fits into the frame and never leaves its place. Well, almost. Once the temple is inserted, it remains in position no matter how much pressure your typical wearer applies. In fact, to get it out is quite the trick. The pressure must be directed toward the front of the frame and only on a certain angle. It's a bit bulkier but this construction guarantees the frame will stay in tact even in most punishing positions.

Meyer : the new kid

While both ic!berlin and MYKITA deliver frames in Stainless Steel, Meyer frames are produced from pure 98% Titanium.

As a result the frames are ridiculously thin, very springy and durable. The temple is quite different too. There are no "prongs" or "coils". Rather, the end of the temple and the end sides of the front of the frame are rolled into a tubular shape. Once these two parts are aligned, they form one continuous hollow tube like structure into which a notched stainless steel cylinder is inserted creating a secure lock. Once in, the cylinder stays in place and needs virtually no maintenance.


fastred1 said...

do you carry Skara and Kiruna by Meyer? What are the prices for wood temples with titanium frames?


Yes, we do. Kiruna is currently in stock, Skara is sold out.
We have not establsihed the final retail price for frames with wooden temples yet, but it's going to be somewhere along the lines of buffalo and reindeer sets, about 1K.

Thank you for your inquiry.


fastred1 said...

Wow. Are the other temples significantly less? I'm in Pasadena, so I'm not sure when I could even get up to you.


In all Titanium, front and temples, Meyer specs are between $495 to $550, depending on color.

All the best.


p.s. I am actually going to be in LA all day this Monday, in Malibu mostly.

fastred1 said...

Are you showing frames somewhere? I could probably drop by if that's the case.


Sorry, I did not get your message till just now. We were swamped all day at the shop.
I am not showing frames, but I would not mind taking few styles along next time. Give me your email and can let you know ahead of time.


Wade said...

Am I able to buy a pair of these from somewhere in Australia?

They are the sex! I think I've been putting off getting my eyes checked waiting for them!



I doubt Meyer is available in Australia, but you should be able to find ic!berlin and MYKITA frames.