Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Welcome '07 with new styles from Orgreen!

Coming back to work after holidays is always painful, but..

this year we actually could not wait to get back to it all. The excitement about possible projects (Hello, LA!!!) , new products and partnerships for '07, all this has kept us from going away too far and for too long. And so after a short, but very restful trip to beautiful Carmel, where we quitely celebrated the New Year, we are full of energy and seriously ready for lift-off.

And of course, what can better then FedEx guy at the door with a box of brand new styles from Orgreen Optics (somebody runs a tight shiping department!). Yes!! New shapes, new colors, all the cool stuff from the Paris show and weeks ahead of schedule!

So here you have it, be the first to see it!



Thunderbird, temple detail.


LOW RIDER is awesome!

LOW RIDER, details

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Anonymous said...

This Low Rider is HOT!! Too bad I am so far away from your shop.