Friday, February 2, 2007

Alek Paul eyewear is here

"We see we are...We see we are. We look to choose what we want to be...For us, seeing is one of the most important manifestations of being...We want to give our frames the meaning of the time in which we are living...We search for each other by looking at ourselves, as in connecting moment between what we are and what we see, a mirror of the being through the acting of being seen..."

Alek Paul
is a fantasy creation of Alessandro Martiri, one of the most creative and innovative eyewear designers in Italy. His philosophy is quite simple - eyewear as communication medium. In today's world, with images ever changing before our eyes, he looks to leave an impression on a casual passerby who accidentally glances at a person wearing an Alek Paul frame.

One of Alessandro's objectives is to create a symbiotic relationship between a pair of glasses and its owner, making sure the frames feel and look as natural and comfortable as possible.

Another important element of Alek Paul eyewear is the luminosity of material. These effects are obtained through special production and milling techniques and Alessandro's creations can go through more than 100 different stages to acquire that special finish designer envisioned.

At last, we have an Itallian collection that is truly "Made in Italy".

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