Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007 REIZ frames are on the way


The 2007 Reiz Augenspiel collection consists of two series: "Lovely Animals" and "Lovely Nature". With these series REIZ team once again combine futurism and tradition. These strongly diverse interpretations go to the limits of their respective themes.

Originally developed for the REIZ LIMITED sunglass collection , 3-D design is now availble in prescription frames. This approach generates a full-bodied look and a brilliantly organic feel. "Lovely Animals" series is intricately milled from 10mm thick pure cellacetate and three dimensional finish creates varying degrees of thickness, which in turn emphasize the flowing form and achieve intense play of colors.

The flat series "Lovely Nature" reinterprets traditional hand-crafted glasses in a hoillistic approach of perfection.There are four models in the series and all accentuate REIZ's high fashion appeal. Without a doubt, purism with a fine finish is a tangible theme for REIZ AUGENSPIEL.

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