Sunday, March 4, 2007

ONKEL sunglasses

Spectacles for Humans is proud to present a collection of Limited Edition sunglasses from ONKEL.

In the midst of the unique, rustic city of Saarbrucken, Germany, Stefan
Petersen envisioned ONKEL.

Stefan's philosophy is to manufacture a progressive eyewear brand from a
fusion of creative minimalism and aesthetic simplicity.
Attention is paid to material use and detail design to craft a natural and fluid translation of design principles.

The results are contemporary optometric
frames that are elegant, striking, versatile, distinguished, subtle and yet
comfortable to wear. Stefan takes pride in creating eyewear that has been
refined to its most streamlined and natural ideal. A dynamic osmosis between
the eyeglasses and the wearer lends itself to the most appealing
and interesting of outcomes.

ONKEL, it's not just a vision, but a social experiment!

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