Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thakoon eyewear by Alek Paul

Fashion's hot minimalist Thakoon Panichgul teams up with CULT/AlekPaul to produce an eyewear line for his 2007 collection. Thakoon’s “Futuristic/Retro” concept gives classical sunglasses a modern twist while remaining faithful to aesthetics and conveying sober elegance with a spark of playfulness.

We are very familiar with Alek Paul eyewear as it is the one and only line of eyewear out of Italy we're willing to deal with.
The quality of AlekPaul acetate is simply stunning!! For Thakoon collaboration lateral shaded colors are cleverly created by friction-gluing 7 different sheets of acetate to give a gradual shift from one color to another.

The strictly shaded lenses pick up the colors of the frame to create a continuous play of nuances and underscore the lightness of the style.

The sophisticated combination of technology and style is a powerful sign of Thakoon’s commitment to creating this new line of accessories which will soon be distributed to the best and most exclusive retailers worldwide.

wink, wink.... We are so getting it! Time to talk to Marinette at CULT !

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