Friday, March 30, 2007

THAKOON sunglasses by ALEKPAUL arrive!

"La collezione è molto raffinata; il design molto pulito evidenzia lo stile giovane ed elegante di THAKOON. La collezione “Futuristico/Retro” da una svolta moderna agli occhiali da sole classic."

Spectacles for Humans is proud to offer 2007 sunglass collection from rising star designer Thakoon Panichgul.

For his new sunglasses collection Thakoon teamed up with Italian eyewear gurus CULT, the guys behind stunningly beautiful AlekPaul eyewear. The frames are carefully crafted and are expressions of Thakoon's minimalist approach to fashion and AlekPaul's attention to details.

If you are into flashy shades like Chanel, Fendi, D&G, etc, this is not a line for you... In other words, Thakoon sunglasses are very, very San Francisco - stylish, reserved, intellegent and ahead of the curve.

... While I was getting ready to post this, Suzanne walked in and snatched a pair of Thakoon's sleek aviators so quickly I barely had time to take this picture.

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