Saturday, April 7, 2007

More glamour for your buck from ORGREEN

Electro Glamour , that is....

If you missed a chance to spiffy up your appearance earlier this year, this is your chance. Electros are back in stock, baby! Yee-hah!!
Just to remind you, Electro Glamour styles are true Limited Edition issue and while I have no exact numbers when it comes to quantities, I do have a strong feeling this is it for this year. Electrify your style while supplies last, people.

So here is what we have right now :
Mandrake in both Gold/Red and Green/Blue, pictured above;

in Gold/Red and Green/Blue;
"sexy-cute" Hellcat in Purple/Blue.

( Black/Yellow, Aluminum/Blue and Purple/Blue pictured below) Gold/Red and Purple/Blue and Spitfire in Gold/Red;

Also back in stock are:

DEMON, for boys

and THUNDERBIRD, for girls

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