Monday, April 16, 2007

Oliver Goldsmith: Collection vs. Archive Couture

In the past two weeks we've been bombarded with phone calls and emails from all over the globe about different styles from Oliver Goldsmith...

To ease up the volume of inquiries and to prevent this blogging business from literally taking over our daily operating activities, a clarification is in order and distinctions between two collections must be defined.

At this time Spectacles for Humans is stocking 2007 Collection only. These frames are all a reasonable human being can possibly want from a pair of sunglasses. (I am more than happy in my new bottle green Mistinguett !!!!) Distinctive design, uncompromising quality and individual style is what you see the moment you lay your eyes on OG frames.

Archive Couture collection is a different and a rare animal. Unlike '07 Collection, which is handmade in Japan, Couture collection frames are individually handmade in England by a band of (probably soon to be extinct) craftsmen. (Don't laugh, you keep buying those cheap designer fakes made in China and that's what you get). In addition, the materials used to produce Archive Couture frames are discontinued and are vintage stock, making them not only expensive, but more importantly, limited.

When selecting a pair of frames from Archive Couture styles, you will be presented with a choice of materials; measurements for a made-to-measure model can be taken as well. The prices start at $550 USD and 4-8 weeks of production time is common and to be expected.

We hope this information will help you to narrow down your choices and should you have any question in regards to sizing or shipping, please contact us by phone or email and we'll be happy to work with you to find the best possible frame to fit your face and your style.

Lifestyle section on OG website is a selection of frames from both collections worn by models.

And don't forget, on Saturday, May 12th you will be able to see the entire OG collection during our superhuman trunk show event!



Anonymous said...

Will you be showing any of Archive Collection styles? Thank u.


We are working out the details. I believe some pieces will be presented for viewing.