Thursday, April 12, 2007

REIZ and shine!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Spectacles for Humans
proudly presents the 2007 collection from
REIZ Augenspiel.

"Lovely Animals"
collection, above, is a result of advancement in 3-D design REIZ team achieved while working on a Limited Edition sunglasses collection in 2006.

To describe the way these frames look and feel to a touch is very much an impossible task, but I will try anyway...

The colors are simply fantastic! Warm tones of brown and cool shades of grey are accentuated by gentle curves and bevels and glossy finishes giving REIZ frames unbelievable presence.

Sitting on our shelves, these frames look more like fine sculptures you want to pick up and examine. The details, the quality...
When we opened boxes, my jaw dropped, to be honest. We've only seen the prototypes and way back at Silmo's show in October of '06, and I had almost forgotten how impeccable these frames are!
From the way hinges meet the front, leaving no gap, to tasteful folklore inspired carvings on the inside of temple tips and signature "retro-futuristic" silver plaques, which elegantly manifest REIZ style, nothing escaped designers' attention. The results are stunningly beautiful objects and you will feel good about displaying them on your most important asset - your face.

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