Thursday, May 24, 2007

DITA Select Opticals coming next week!

INSIDER, pictured in black, is priced at $375 USD and is available in either Rx or sunglasses.

GRAND RESERVE, the frame of all frames, is $500USD.


Anonymous said...

I went to Dita Legends on Melrose in Los Angeles yesterday and asked to see if the frames were in. Sure enough, they just got in the same morning and were hidden in the backroom. The maker of these glasses (forgot to catch his name) personally showed them to me.

I saw Insider, Grand Reserve, and Rx aviators.

Anonymous said...

(I'm the same guy that just posted below [or above])

Here's a pic of me trying on the GRAND RESERVES in black ($500).

They are REALLY, REALLY sturdy and well made. Holy moly.


Sturdy is not hard enough word to describe these monsters. You can beat people into submission with a pair of Grand Reserves. These frames are HARD!

superpr@nk said...

Grunhauser, I wonder if my optomentrist can get these ditas and use my insurance plan to pay for most of it. These grand reserves have been haunting my life!

My doc said all she needed was maybe another optometrist she could get it from (a store that had an actual doctor)... like maybe your store???


I'm sorry but you will have to suffer the consequences of belonging to VSP.

Victor said...

hello, brilliant site. I would like more information on the Dita Insiders, do you stock them in your shop? If not where can I get them online? They can be used with prescription lenses right?