Monday, May 14, 2007

How are things on the West Coast?

LE MONDE:"Lunettes pour des Humains trunk show - succès sensationnel!"

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We love trunk shows and our customers love them too!
Another spectacular event at Spectacles for Humans and the turn out was outstanding again, thanks in part to our new friends at San Francisco Bay Guardian who helped us with timely announcement.

In addition to fantastic selections from MYKITA, Oliver Goldsmith and Gotti , we were also lucky to show the entire line of SALT Optics, including the brand new ophthalmic styles.

Dexter, a very sharp looking dude out on a town with his lovely wife, took home a great pair of SALT polarized sunglasses.

Not everyone was trying the frames from lines of the day. Cornelia, an architect and a total hottie, already owns a beautiful pair of MYKITA Laika in Gold, and now has her eyes on a pair of DeromeBrenner handmade acetate aviators - Huggy 4 in Brown/Tourqoise.

Tom Cody, the busiest man in the industry, is happy with the turn out. Champagne flowed like rivers and everyone was having happy, happy time!
And here he is, both hands in the cookie jar! Tom is trying on a pair of Orgreen frames! Ha-ha!!

Sherry wanted a pair of classic Oliver Goldsmith frames and what better way to choose but at the OG trunk show! Taking the full advantage of unparalleled selection, she picked out one of the best designs - style Berwick in Black and Crystal. This will be an excellent addition to her collection of sunglasses. It looks stunning, but then again, what wouldn't in this case??

Tallying up at the end of the day.

A good dinner and drinks at ZUNI cafe was muchly needed after the show!!

Great show everyone!
Thank you all who came in and tried and bought. Your support makes such great events possible and enjoyable! And thank you those who popped in to say hello or just to try some frames on. That's cool with us too! We are always glad to meet and talk to people who share our passion and appreciation for exceptional eye wear design.

We hope to see you again and soon! Our massive ORGREEN OPTICS event is scheduled on June 9th! With Live DJ!!!

1 comment:

lani said...

im really glad there are still stores around that sell absolutely high quality beautiful frames with discreet logoing. I think it is a lot classier to own a pair of frames because you love the vintage style and high quality.

Major sunglass manufacturers such as Luxottica have really cheapened brands by over exposing them in every single Sunglass Hut store with over the top logos, price tags and branding.

I hope you continue to distribute sunglasses from individual companies who have a passion for eyewear as opposed to those who just have an eye on the dollar bill.

If i lived in the same country as you i would also buy from you guys, love Oliver Goldsmith and all.