Thursday, May 31, 2007

Orgreen Optics (Very) Limited Elektros

All of a sudden we started to run out of Elektro frames from the coolest Danish eyewear design house Orgreen Optics... As it happened, we realized - it is possible we will never have them again.... The shock of this revelation was such, several of us at Spectacles for Humans decided not to go on, if that's the case.

After only few months of offering Orgreen Elektros, everybody wants one. We were somewhat concerned with flooding our immediate neighborhood with these shockingly beautiful frames, but given Euro/Dollar exchange rates nowdays and limited immediate inventory, we worry no longer. In the meantime, while trying to figure the future of ELEKTROs, quicker with our guns than Marty McFly, we've swallowed the entire US inventory from Orgreen distributors and stocked our shelves good with Elektro beauties again.
We've learned recently that the production of Elektro Glamour frames, with their chameleon-like, iridescent finishes, is an extremely difficult and labor intensive process translating in short supplies. With only 35 pieces being produced at a time and with demand in Europe and Asia through the roof, most of the near future production is already allocated to fulfill the existing orders. Fortunately for you, we at Spectacles for Humans live and breathe cool eyewear, and when we find cool specs, they end up here fast!

Gennady, a seriously talented Russian musician residing in Peru, fell in love with Mandrake in Gold Elektro during his extended business trip in San Francisco and had to have it. His lovely wife Monola, as if not to be outdone, got one too ! Hers is the Spitfire in Violet Elektro. We are planning an evening together, so expect more Elektro pics!

You can see all styles from ORGREEN Optics , including the ELEKTROS at our trunk show is June 9th.

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Anonymous said...

there! that's someone who can wear the electro gold! very nice!