Saturday, June 9, 2007


Catch you Jetstar.

Local asylum reports: Two design obsessed individuals escape!

Mark, of HandinHand custom jewelry fame, is playing cool with Orgreen frames.

A pair of FUNK Royal Optics sunnnies never looked more menacing.

Rene finds a new friend!

Bernt is enjoying his new Limited Edition Elektro Vulcan by Orgreen Optics.
More Funk Royal Optics action.
Jeremy wears Pompejus in Black and... FUNK goes Superfuture.

Olga and Rene helping Martha choose a pair of frames.

Both were quite accomodating, and after settling on a pair of Catalina in Petrolium/Burnt Orange from Orgreen, Martha took advantage of their expertise and chose a pair of beatiful sunglasses as well.

More Orgreen!!

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Anonymous said...

If only New Zealand was closer to San Francisco!