Sunday, July 8, 2007

Archive Oliver Goldsmith styles coming soon!

It is such a pleasure dealing with Claire and her team over at Oliver Goldsmith showroom in London. Stuff gets done on time, questions are answered with no details left behind and the products are...Well, that's where we have to take a moment to explain.

Frames are rapidly becoming favorites at Spectacles for Humans, overshadowing and dwarfing other lines. All the cool kids on the block are rocking their Renzos and Amys, and all of us at SFH never shy away from stepping out wearing such classics as Mistinguett, Tak or Senja.
To make the story long, our clients, and we are blessed with most sophisticated, in the know bunch, simply adore them, and we think if there ever was a perfect line of sunglasses, this is it. We don't hide it either and if you never heard of Oliver Goldsmith, we'll help you to discover this fabulously grand brand, and will guide you through their timeless styles with patience....Oh, look! It's that Goggles advert again!

No matter what look you are after, a pair of OG sunglasses will complete it with charm and grace, taking your personal style to heights you never knew before.

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