Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carl Zeiss Eye-Terminal

Owning and collecting beautiful eyewear is a great way to come in touch with your design and fashion aspirations, but let us not forget the main purpose of it all - crystal clear vision.

Big fans of German optics, we've recently become aware of an amazing piece of ophthalmic equipment from Carl Zeiss ... Eye-Terminal.

The great minds behind Zeiss, a true pioneer in optical field, created super sophisticated digital scanning system that helps Opticians to take most precise measurements necessary for fitting frames with prescription lenses.
Every aspect, however minuscule it may seem to human eye, is taken into account. Slight head tilt, true distance between eyes and lenses, frame angle, amount of wrap and even lens type; all are carefully examined and interpreted with unrivaled precision to guarantee the best possible acuity in the final product.

After making sure Eye-T was indeed available in North America, we quickly arranged a test drive with representatives from Zeiss. We absolutely loved what we saw and ordered it on a spot! Within weeks, Spectacles for Humans will become the first store in Northern California to offer customized Rx lens fitting with the help of Eye-Terminal from Zeiss.

Cool free standing unit is on its way to us and very soon, you will be able to experience vision the way it was meant to be!


Anonymous said...

We have a Zeiss Terminal and it is not good. It does not give repeatable information and the company does nothing to support the ECP. I consider it a waste of money and a piece of equipment that is all sizzle and no steak.

David Picheny
Eyes Over Copley
Boston, MA


Works fine for us. Measurements come out almost identical and we never had any issues with tech support...cause we did not need any. Except for plastic gadget breaking after 2 years. New one was delivered same week we ordered it.