Monday, July 16, 2007


As some of you may know, we are tight with uber-cool folks at SelfEdge, San Francisco's premier supplier of quality denim and overseas' fashions. Discussing current events and future prospects, it has come to our attention that expansion is a much needed maneuver for both companies and naturally we have set out sights on LA-LA land and , to be exact, West Hollywood's last bastion of coolness - Fairfax avenue.

There we were... Sweating in our Flatheads, VisVims and Vibskov's strong undies, pale and obviously not used to LA's sun drenched reality, we stood , drooling over magnificent (although defunct and in need of repair) neon LEADER sign above the building which was obviously exhibiting all signs of welcome to all of our expedition crew.

Will it happen? We don't know. It's all in the hands of God, as I see it. Being across the street from Canter's is probably not all that good for our health, but damn it... We want that space...

In any case, should it not go our way, we will overcome the emotional fracture caused by not getting in on a cool neon sign at the right time, but the fact remains just that... Both SelfEdge and Spectacles for Humans are coming to LA... and SOON! Just letting you know.

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