Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Graz was in town

Graz Mulcahy , the person responsible for all those ultra-fresh Ksubi sunnies of the past few years (yes, it's his signature you see on all the styles), was in town and dropped in for a chat.

As some of you may know, Graz has left his position as a designer for Ksubi Eye earlier this year. He's taking some time off and also working on new exciting personal projects and one of them, a set of 2 Limited Edition frames, is something we were absolutely thrilled to hear about.
Graz promises "it's going to be good, very good" and knowing his work, you can count on that. What you can't count on is finding too many of these. With about 10 stores in the world set to showcase his latest designs and probably 10 pairs allocated to each, the availability will be less than scarce. Oh, yeah, Spectacles for Humans is one of them stores where you will find them. Don't know when we'll have them just yet....Graz headed to Mexico to live on a beach for a few months.

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