Tuesday, August 7, 2007

REIZ against the machines

Ean, visiting San Francisco from Denver, has heard good things about Spectacles for Humans on superfuture forums and being he was on the market for a new pair of specs, he chose not miss the opportunity to browse our selection in person.

A pair of handmade frames by Reiz Augenspiel - model Hummel in black and clear acetate - is going to a good home.

Not willing to settle for mediocre, Reiz designers took classic black and clear acetate formula and elevated it to the next level by enfolding the transparent acetate in two layers of black. Hand beveled and hand polished by chamois, the resulting frames, with their sleek curvatures and 3-D appearance, are stunning examples of modern craftsmanship.

September 6th update:
REIZ designers are frequent visitors to Spectacles for Humans blog and they loving the way their Hummel frame fits Ean!

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