Sunday, August 26, 2007

ZEISS EyeTerminal: up and runnning like a dream

Given all the technological advances in optics over the past 2 decades, it was obvious, something had to happen to the old fashioned method of taking measurements. From ruler to pupilometer and then.... Ah, we are so glad folks at ZEISS stepped up and filled the void by introducing the Eye Terminal.

Having worked with our freshly installed ZEISS Eye Terminal for the past 2 weeks all we can say is WOW!!WOW!!WOW!!
What a difference! Although don't get us wrong, we have never had any problems with fitting multifocal lenses, ever, but working with this intergalactic looking hi-tech gem is almost like we are able to function on a molecualr level. Without question, we see things differently now and so can you, and only at Spectacles for Humans. Yes, we are the first store in San Francisco to offer Centration services via Eye Terminal.

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