Monday, November 12, 2007

Derapage: update

Flying off the shelves faster than any other new brand, Derapage eyewear is proving to be one of the most successful introductions at Spectacles for Humans.
Whatever the reasons are for its immediate success, we knew for a long time it was a line for us and that it will do well. With locals ( and some sharp folks on the other coast) snatching up cool shapes and eagerly embracing Derapage's industrial sequences and sophisticated silhouettes, we are only too happy to announce another addition to existing line up of styles.

2 new shapes will continue the exercise in Swedish stainless steel and a new collection of steel and advanced hi-tech materials will further enrich the pool of choices.

Carbon fiber, Alutex, Icelite... After reading the technical info, we feel like we've been prepped to service a Space Shuttle for a safe landing. Yet all this superb know-how goes into a little object you get to wear everyday. Light, durable and allergy-free, spectacles from Derapage are indeed marvels of modern technology with decidedly Italian spin on design. In other words, we love it.

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