Tuesday, November 20, 2007

REIZ Hecht

For B. B.
Sorry, I never miss a chance to rave about REIZ frames, and with 3 frames sold this weekend to people who have never seen one in real life, this is my way of saying thank you.

I am glad to see you're planning on getting off the Oakley's wagon...Those Chop 2.0 just have to go. If you do end up owning a pair of REIZ frames eventually, I can promise, it will change your life. Literally.

Hecht is an easy choice.

It's rectangular, it's forward, it's masculine. The chunky structure is perfect for displaying colors - from classic to intellectual to funky and best of all, in any color, the frame is a stunning design object.
It's somewhat possible to imagine what I am preaching about, but you will only have the true REIZ experience after you hold a pair of their frames and absorb the sheer beauty spawned by intelligence of design, precision and craftsmanship. There is nothing that comes even close to these frames. Subtle and brilliant in all regards.

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