Sunday, December 16, 2007

Everybody is hangin' with Xavier and Aurelia

Insanity is the word most widely used at Spectacles for Humans. We are all very well acquainted with it, take it for granted, and some even use it as a middle name. With that in mind, we must say, we are extremely fortunate to have been able to offer our clients a chance to have personal interaction with Xavier Derome and Aurelia Brenner, two people with great passion for eyewear design, tradition and cool fashionable things in general.
To describe to you how cool these guys are is simply impossible and this Sunday is the last day they are working the floor with us. Then ... poof!!... they go back home to France.

We will be back with more, you know that, but for now, some of us could use few hours of basic sleep. Oh yes, we also encourage everybody to dream about taking a vacation.

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