Thursday, December 27, 2007

Into the '08

With Bhuto dead, Bonde do Role broken up and Bono consistently looking like a spacefu*k, we are heading into the New Year...
Not looking too good, ain't it? And where does all that leave us?

Oh, not to worry. We are pressing on with usual grandiloquence, juggling more stuff than Cirque de Soleil on MiraLax, happy to show off our heroics to stunned outsiders.
To be honest, and without being too cocky, we are more than happy with what's been going on at Spectacles for Humans. Blockbuster like success of DeromeBrenner Trunk Show proved we are on the right track, defending quality and craftsmanship and all that, and shed new light on future developments for 2008.

Be on the look out for:

  1. Orgreen acetates!! It's going to be hot, hot, hot!!!
  2. stunning Spivvy frames are due to arrive in March
  3. clever designs from Propodesign Japan
  4. futuristic look of SpecEspace Japan
  5. Yoichi, the master craftsman's works come to US
  6. probably more good stuff from MYKITA...
  7. Spectacles for Humans The Private Line...
  8. first X...
  9. Orgreen party in August!!!! not be missed
  10. another store...
As they say, stay tuned!

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