Thursday, January 3, 2008

Acetate dreams and stainless steel worries

We've been informed by higher-ups at Orgreen Optics that new acetate collection will be arriving in about 2 weeks.

Anticipation is sweet and we are so looking forward to receiving this stellar collection, awaiting to see how all of our new acetate picks fair against each other.
MYKITA and REIZ may have had a head start and already have fans all over the globe, but our instincts tell us this will be quite a match.
At Spectacles for Humans the feeling is .... 2008 will be the year Orgreen Optics conquers it all. We live for eyewear and all of our lines are special and bring something to the table noone else can, but when it comes to having fun with the product, Orgreen has it covered and their acetate collection will prove it once again.


Unfortunately not all is alright tonite.

It has come to our attention that MYKITA started offering their Collection 1 styles at local liquidators'... While some are aiming for the stars, can it be folks MYKITA are not seeing the big picture?
Seeking comfort in outlets is not very becoming, and being purists, we immediately expressed our disappointment and protested even. Sadly no official word from MYKITA as of yet.
And so we've been heavy-hearted for weeks.... This cannot be good and may mean the beginning of an ugly end - cool brand gone big.

It's time for a sad song. Take it away, Jarvis.

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p.s. Jan 10th, 08. An update is overdue.

Issue is resolved and we are so glad we are seeing eye to eye with MYKITA shepherds.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what make/model of glasses that he is wearing?


Don't know, but he wears it rather well. Probly vintage. Would love to be his Opticians.