Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We love action

GLARE has made its debut this Easter weekend and there was more eye contact in Noe Valley than some see in years.
We knew from the start, we are doing something special, but we did not anticipate such a warm welcome. Not only we did killer business on the very first day (that's always nice) but the comments and overall reaction from customers was resonating so well with our feelings. And that was what we were looking for.
In the world of sunwear where big logos are everything, we are challenging the common perception of cool. Sure, intelligent consumer always knows what's up, avoids excessive branding, yet still manages to find ways to express individuality and play pool with like-minded people. But when it comes to eyewear, current choices are such, it is almost impossible to avoid the vulgarity and even the most independent minded shoppers eventually succumb to inexplicable - eyewear with logos!! A travesty, and we intend to fight it.

At both GLARE and Spectacles for Humans, we take the hardest approach to spectacles , like that hard gay dude in Japan almost. Devoted to quality, design and understatement, we've become a leader of all things current in eyewear and it is no wonder San Francisco is the place where the concept is borne. Independent and liberated, we live and think free and see the future without labels.

The Micronauts "Reaction" music video by Danakil

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