Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Tuesday @ Spectacles for Humans

"I work at the intersection of media culture and human memory. My artwork depicts collapse: between producer and consumer, viewer and viewed and simulated and real. I appropriate material, bend rules of consent, restage events and invite viewers to alter my exhibited pieces."

No collapse on our part.

Scott Kildall is right however about appropriating the materials. He is seen wearing a recently appropriated pair of Orgreen frames, model Shadow. In our opinion, there is no altering this exhibit piece.

Check out Scott's work @ www.kildall.com.

Judy lives in Noe Valley and works as a Physician at Kaiser hospital. She says that lately, every time she noticed someone for their frames, the answer came back the same - "I got them at this place on 24th street". Our evil plan is working!!

Fresh and rested from her fab vacation in Sicily, she picked out the perfect pair - Jacky 7 in Deep Purple/Faux Wood from DeromeBrenner.

And then, out of nowhere, a surprise visit from Mister Ashida himself. Oh, you know Mr.Ashida, don't you?? Let me refresh your memory... Yeap, that's him and Henrik Orgreen during last year's IOFT show in Tokyo.

Taka-san ( he makes Orgreen and Oliver Goldsmith frames come to life) was making his way home from last week's show in New York, and a stop in San Fracisco is never a bad thing. He popped in to say hello and see what we were up to.

Tomo arigato! See you in Osaka!!

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