Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trip to NY, random pics

New York.

The one and only, the very hot Aurelia Brenner.

Some of the new Orgreen designs, coming soon!

Olga T. of Spectacles for Humans and Aurelia Brenner of DeromeBrenner talk business.

Xavier Derome, need I say more?

Olga T., she makes Spectacles for Humans run like a Swiss watch.

The sweetest of them all, the super talented and always working Claire Goldsmith in her suite at W Hotel before the show. Claire is expecting and we are happy and wish her an easy one.

The date is set for her visit and next Spring is it. I know some of you may be disappointed it can't be sooner, but come on, let the girl have her baby first.

D.Grunhauser, drooling over new Orgreen designs.

Our favorite attendees, Tabasco and Tequila, and they weren't even part of the show!

Gregers and Sahra representing Orgreen. It was so nice to see them Orgreen folks and the latest on a possible trunk show is a "maybe".

It's never a dull moment with Henrik Orgreen around!

More to come!

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