Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New MYKITA suns arrive

A busy day @ SFH and no time for home made pics.
With acetate sunnies gone in a blink, we focus now on what we can actually get and it's MYKITA's stainless steel frames. (It has come to our attention that another shop in San Francisco is selling them as titanium and it's been driving us crazy... STOP IT, people!! Stop it now!!! Tom, please talk to them. This is ridiculous. )

Anyway, the new styles are arriving and we are loving the THICKNESS!
HECTOR is the model we are eying specifically and as a newer, beefer and chunkier ELLIOT, Hector is set to become MYKITA's new designated stunner.

ROLF is still through the roof, but with Brandolina sporting one on the cover of some rag, this may very well put the style out of commission.

New for chicks is ZOE.

Sleek and sexy, this one is probably the best we've seen from MYKITA's recent shapes for girls. Of course, girls can always slip into a pair of ROLF's and rock the town, but when it comes to feminine touch, this is the hot one.

p.s. MYKITA is currently looking for shop manager. If you have what it takes, apply.


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