Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Dita Select Optics - Grandmaster and others

It's been busy at SFH.
Trunk show after trunk show and in mad action we've completely failed to mention the arrival of the new styles from Select Optics by DITA. New frames come in, some sold already, and we keep silent... Maybe it's a testament to how we just take DITA's splendor for granted. Still it's inexcusable! And we promise, Blogmaster will be reprimanded.

With Select Optics DITA has moved into territory of luxury eyewear and quickly established a new mark of quality others in the industry will have hard time to follow. New styles are taking the LA based company even further away from its competition and we predict, soon DITA will own the sky. There is so much positive energy and good ol' know-how it is impossible for them to go anywhere but up, up, up!

Peppered with requests to see the Grandmaster in action, we tried to find the perfect fit and unfortunately it did not materialize until just now.

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