Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Spectacles for Humans mailbox

Been impressed by the stock at your store but since am all the way in the Far East, no chance of ever visiting your store.
Out of curiosity what are you opinions of the more mainstream brands such as Lindberg, Bikkemberg, etc. In fact, am thinking of buying a pair of Porsche Carrera design. You think these brands are worth their price or perhaps the brand name is worth more than the actual quality?
Keep up the good work. All the best."

Emails like this come in every week and we always take time to respond.

Friends, let us get one thing straight - as far as branding goes, we draw a strict line on what happens on the outside of a pair of spectacles, and be it Opthalmic or sunnies, it's close to nothing. For Spectacles for Humans to bring on a brand, that line's identity path must be crystal clear.
Other aspects factor in too (we hold on to some savoir-faire, OK?) , but like a commandment, branding issue is written in stone.
Fortunately we have enough quality oriented outfits to work with and with our help they are going strong and together we pursue the dream while collectively rejecting the corrupt mentality of empty brand names and perfidious logos. Everything we deliver to you is sincere and authentic and we would not have it any other way.

The brands in question are on opposite spectrum of each other. Lindberg is one of the pioneers of modern eyewear and while a bit outdated it is still a quality brand. Bikkembergs on other hand is a different species altogether and without offending anyone much Bikkembergs knows as much about eyewear as Starck does about sinks and toilets.
If becoming a part of Dirk's dream team is your goal, then maybe you should join.

As an example, today we were forced to examine a couple of lines from VidiVici Occhiali. It only reinforced our opinion about Italians - they have completely lost their way. In fact they are so shortsighted in their approach, they think that signing licenses with irrelevant brands like Belstaff and MOMO Design will get them somewhere... Guess again.

When it comes to eyewear, what we do is on "mom-&-pop" level of reality. So real it is sometimes, Pops does not even know where Mom spends her "makeup" money. No one told us to do anything we weren't completely natural doing and we think that is why people respond the way they do when they discover Spectacles for Humans. Everyone wants to be part of something real.

p.s. We are working on a new exciting project that will bring much needed clarification and will answer a lot of questions. Again, too many people reach this blog everyday (about 1K) to announce what the project is all about just yet, so please forgive.

Coming late Summer.

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