Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have finally found you

We are in love with SPIVVY. Period.

The best color in 2044 model is about to leave the shop and it is unknown when we can have it back again. 3 months, maybe 5?? Our pieces go through modifications and it takes a long time to move from Point A to Point B. If the lovely and lucky girl does not object, we will post the image of the final package. Perfect amalgam of style and substance, trust us.

Elegant as a ballerina and toned like a martial arts instructor SPIVVY 2044 is one stunning piece of design. Undeniably Eastern in its structure this frame is not going to fit most Caucasian faces in its original condition and even though San Francisco has a great pool of Asian population, we've decided to expand and introduce it to everyone, with a possibility of special ordering the original. So far, there has been no need. The frames started flying out of the shop within days and now, we are contemplating the reality of Spectacles for Humans existing without the best pieces from Spivvy?

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