Thursday, May 1, 2008


Our second Oliver Goldsmith Trunk Show is promising to be an amazing event.
A special arrangement has been made with OG headquarters in both US and London and the powers in charge have authorized the release of about 30 collectors pieces from Oliver Goldsmith Archive Couture Collection.

As you read, they are on their way to San Francisco.

We do not know yet what styles we'll be hosting here in San Francisco, but one does not need to worry about the minute specifics when one deals with people behind the Oliver Goldsmith brand. A family business, like us, perfection is what they seek; and we are so absolutely thrilled and honored by this circumstance, we are glad to take anything that comes our way from OG Showroom.

Ah, we can almost smell the cool 60's....

Monsieur Cool himself, Jacques Dutronc and his 1968 hit "L'Opportuniste"

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