Sunday, May 11, 2008

MYKITA * Oliver Goldsmith * SALT Trunk Show : recap

As always, we had a blast and hope all who came to play with us had the same experience.

Trunk shows are an old school trick to drum up business, but we don't exactly approach it this way. Bringing in entire collections, letting you meet the people behind the cool brands we work with and spending time with like-minded individuals are the three main cornerstones we build our events upon. And it seems to be working!!! Our events have become THE optical gatherings in San Francisco Bay Area and the popularity reached the point where we choose not to advertise in press anymore to avoid overcrowding.

Always a festivity, last week's show was even more special thanks to presence of Tom Cody. His personal qualities and professional talents are of intergalactic proportions and working with him is simply a dream.
The fact that he looks good in any frame is a HUGE plus too.

The weather was great and with the sun out, the crowds went kinda seriously berserk over all the sunglasses we were showing. The special pieces from Oliver Goldsmith were a huge hit. The famous PYRAMID originally designed in the '60s for Vidal Sassoon promo was among the most tried on frames. Ever!

Acetate collection from MYKITA was another hot topic and in order to satisfy the demand, we had no choice but to raid Tom's samples with no regards for consequences.

One of the best examples, below.
MYKITA Ferris in Brown - acetate aviators done right and fitted perfectly.

Another trunk show favorite - custom made model Luki in Green Tortoise by OG.

Eddie has a great eye for frames. He wasn't at the show for sunglasses - he just scored a pair of stunning DeromeBrenner' Huggy pilots from us - but model Howard in Edelweiss from MYKITA impressed him much. We think his name is written on it...Maybe MYKITA should rename this frame and call it Eddie.

In the end he chose model Cedric in Blue for his specs.

Over at GLARE, Olga was showing off SALT Optics collection. Since opening GLARE just over a month ago, SALT has become an absolute favorite among our clients. People love the simple and pure style and cannot get enough of SALT famous polarized lenses.

Yours truly, performed supermad BMX tricks for the crowds. Standing still, with one foot on the ground is a tough one, but in a pair of MYKITA Fletcher in Red and Gold, it's a piece of cake.

Sad to report, but everyone vetoed the Red color on and I was bamboozled into Cool Grey color instead. Grey is SPECTACULAR and it matches great with Lavender on my Skyway, but come on, dudes, where is the passion, where is the flare?

Must get Fletcher in Red, must get Fletcher in Red, must get Fletcher in Red...

A million thanks go out again to our honorary employee of the day!!!!!

Mr. Optics himself - Tom "I-Wear-Mykita-Sunglasses-At-Night" Cody.

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Anonymous said...

This is totally fuk'd up. How come I did not know and how do I get on the list for the next MYKITA show?