Friday, July 11, 2008


Holy Mother of Chestnuts!

Be excited!!Be very excited!!!

Even before Spectacles for Humans came to be, as Opticians, we were fascinated with what Orgreen Optics had to offer. Their work with stainless steel, fine wood.... We swooned, we moaned, we watched the brave new path being paved in front of our eyes, by 3 friends who wanted to push and expand the boundaries of optical designs.
Luckily for all of us, the guys had more than just a million of ideas - they knew how make them work. Through thick and thin, they stayed true to their principals, and following their own stars, they've created some of the most striking eyewear the world has ever seen.

Not surprisingly many in the industry were afraid of their brave designs. They were too brash, too Nordic, too forward. Like Vikings in their longboards Orgreen designs were piercing conventional decorum and upsetting pedantic sensibilities of the establishment. Never followers, we knew immediately this was the brand we can relate to. Heck, it was the brand we wanted to wear ourselves! So it was little surprise that when we finally met the Orgreen team in Paris a couple of years ago we knew we were speaking the same language - celebration of individual style through original design.

As a company it did not take much time for Orgreen team to find themselves. They knew quality lies in the East and they turned to one of the best manufacturer in Japan they could find.

But even after years of working together, they still have tough decisions to make. Like the fate of the incredible Elektro Series.

The Limited iridescent finishes are extremely hard to produce. With gold-based paints taking 14 days to dry, while producing only 35 pairs at a time, the team is split. Some say go, some say ... We at Spectacles for Humans insist they make more, more, and more !!! Of course, we are not the one watching the paint dry....

Tune in for more Orgreen stories!!!!


ayn said...

oh man, we'll be in Shanghai that day, have fun with Mr Orgreen!

Spectacles for Humans said...

I hear Shanghai is lovely in August. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to partying with you guys!

Jane C.