Sunday, July 6, 2008

What am I here for?

Vacations are fun, but since they can't beat the real thing (work) , they remain the intended lubricant they are.
WARNING!!! This scenario only works if you absolutely love what you do. If you do not, coming back to work will probably make you violently sick, as it should...But hey, at least you'll look thinner!!

Getaways for us are always about reflection and looking for inspirations and this time, in search for a quite place to contemplate the next move, we led our troops into remote parts of Southern Utah. The scenery was stunning, the sun was there for us 23 out of 24 and beer was like only 2%. Easy living!

Coming back has been special since some special goodies were waiting for us!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the super hot Cutler and Gross collection makes its debut at Spectacles for Humans. Those who keep an eye on what's going at SFH know how long it took us to work this collection into our line up.

There is a lot to be said about Cutler and Gross, and we promise to give a complete write up once all pieces are in.
The first batch, 30 or so pieces, arrived this week, and in typical SFH manner we brushed off formalities and stayed busy all day showing and selling frames literally out of the box. It will be a huge hit!

Also new on our shelves are first examples from new Concord collection by MYKITA. Very impressive designs and craftsmanship is absolutely superb!


Anonymous said...

D, your frames are amazing. ha!

Spectacles for Humans said...

KSUBI Padget with silver mirror...