Friday, August 29, 2008

Spec Espace collection is coming next week.

Can it be true?

After a year of basically waiting in line, Spectacles for Humans is scheduled to receive the first selection from one of Japan's most intriguing and complicated brands - Spec Espace.
Spec Espace, the name refers to the space between your specs and your face, (mark you the name on that electronic calendars of yours) is gonna rock the world of anyone who is truly in love with eyewear design.

There are simply too many details to describe and we will wait for collection to arrive to go deep. But one thing you should know right away, the quality here borders on phantasmagorical. Employing some of the best craftsmen in Japan, Katsuhiro-san ( dude in white jumper) and his pals are designing fresh and exciting styles with ease and finesse. With their guidance, in the hands of a skilled artisan, a simple plastic frame becomes true work of art.

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