Wednesday, September 24, 2008

General update

With Spivvy sold out, PropoDesign stock count down to bare bones, and with SpecEspace making a grand entrance, it looks like Spectacles for Humans is continuing to drill where no one saw any potential. Let's just call it off-shore shopping.
Our Japanese friends are so extremely talented and creative it makes it really difficult for us to look for new product some place else.
Still, while we really do feel this way about state of eyewear in Japan, we don't miss an opportunity to examine lines that come our way, be they European... or what not.

During our most recent encounter with Freudenhaus collection we were pleasantly surprised to learn it was finally freed from unsavory distribution grip and is now distributed directly by the company. Good for them! The rules are changing and those who grasp the globalism of this market are destined to thrive.
With that said, we found Freudenhaus, at least at the stage it's at right now, not to be the right line for SFH.
Don't despair, life does not end if we don't carry it. If you live in San Francisco, you will find Freudenhaus at City Optix, Invision Optometry and Urban Optics, all very fine eyewear outlets.

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