Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vanila, Strawberry, DeromeBrenner

While it may seem like we were laying low last week, it ain't so. We are swinging, branch to branch, scooping up the hottest designs and heading up to the top of the seriously overgrown rain forest that is eye wear today.
There are numerous things in development and some are to remain hush-hush for now, but a new sexy shape for Huggy Collection from DeromeBrenner is blowing the secret lid right off.

Above, Aurelia Brenner is modeling the new Huggy 6 in Flash Red via SKYPE.

For those who are waiting for Spec Espace collection to arrive, we apologize for delays. That's just the way it goes and until FDA, NSA, DNC, RNC, USDA and Highway Patrol all make sure it is safe for you, we cannot have it...

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